Background of CEDECOM

In 1990, the Central Region Coordinating Council (RCC then Central Regional Administration) set up CEDECOM as a regional Development Secretariat to manage and implement a UNDP assisted integrated development programme in the Central Region. The programme was executed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning under the National Execution (NEX) modality. This involved the identification, development and promotion of tourism attractions, including the Elmina and Cape Coast castles, Fort St. Jago, Kakum National Park, Cultural festivals and event attractions such as the Pan African Historical Theatre Festival (PANAFEST), Emancipation etc. diligently

In line with Government’s decentralization program, CEDECOM acts both as the RCC’s technical wing and development agency. Its primary focus has been to spearhead private sector development and activities that spread the benefits of development to the people of the region. It coordinated the implementation of integrated regional economic development program with tourism as the lead sector. It has also coordinated training of hotel and restaurant staff in the Central Region. Besides tourism development, CEDECOM’s activities include; Investment Promotion, Enterprise Development, Environmental Management within communities; Women-in-Development; Poverty alleviation and support for the achievement of decentralization; Communication and Research and Good Governance. CEDECOM’s approach to micro, small and medium enterprise development has involved micro-finance delivery, technology transfer; investment and trade expositions, business management training and marketing. It currently runs a USAID sponsored community learning centre, which among others, is involved in enhancing the efficiency of the private sector through the use of information communication technology (ICT). CEDECOM brings to the project, experienced and competent staff with a track record of work with the private sector, District Assemblies, traditional authorities, community-based organizations, public sector institutions, tourism practitioners and development partners.

Our Mission

CEDECOM seeks to facilitate the sustainable development of the Central Region through the creation of an enabling environment for tourism promotion and enterprise development, investment promotion, environmental improvement, agriculture improvement, information and research and good governance.

Our Vision

CEDECOM’s vision is to provide “Dynamic leadership for sustainable development”


CEDECOM has a long-term objective to enhance the socio-economic well-being of the people of the Central Region by creating an enabling environment for sustainable development.

Specific objective arising out of the broad objectives are to:

Promote tourism development Promote private sector investment and enterprise development Promote agriculture, forestry and environmental improvement Promote ICT services and a one-stop Information and data bank for public use Promote good governance Women-in-Development Promote decentralization and local governance. Strengthen the fiscal management, human and institutional capacity of CEDECOM.

In pursuit of our goals, we work in partnership with various government organisations, international agencies, financial institutions, the private sector, NGOs, District Assemblies and community based groups in the region.