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The Central Region Transformation Agenda - Technical Expert discusses the role of CEDECOM


On Tuesday, 24th November, 2021, the Technical Expert and Consultant to the Regional Coordinating Council, Mr. Ekow Budu Manuel met with the Ag. Executive Director of Central Region Development Commission (CECECOM), Mrs. Ama Abraham, to deliberate on the role of CEDECOM in the Central Region Transformation Agenda and the way forward.

In his opening statement, Mr Manuel indicated that, the focus of the agenda was to identify untapped resources within existing tourist attractions of the region, plan and implement strategies for value addition and inculcate a new sub-culture of change in the area of Tourism in the Central Region.

The Ag. Executive Director of CEDECOM also spoke on the mandate of the Commission and the role it has played in the development of tourism in the region. She said, CEDECOM exist to facilitate the socio-economic development of the Central region through the development and promotion of investments in the area of tourism, agriculture and commerce. Mrs Abraham added that CEDECOM over the year has been collaborating with tourism related institutions such as the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to develop tourism with diverse strategies. Some identified active tourism potentials included: Forts & Castles, Festivals, Historic Schools, Domestic tour operations, etc. These key potentials would see some further development through the Transformation Agenda as agreed by the meeting.

The Technical Expert charged CEDECOM to research on what could be done to add more value to the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles in order to increase the number of arrivals to those facilities. He promised that the Transformation Agenda would also recommend strategies to turn selected festivals, historic schools and personalities within the region into tourist attractions.

Other key issue were discussed to further strengthen the relationship between the Commission and the Transformation Agenda. Also present at the meeting was Mrs. Esther Davis, Head of Administration, CEDECOM.