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On Thursday, 17th December, 2021, a joint team from the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) and Central Region Development Commission (CECECOM) led by Joyce Akosua Senyo, Ag. Team leader, MoTI and Mrs. Ama Abraham, Ag. Executive Director, CEDECOM respectively paid a working visit to the BAMBOO ECO-CITY PROJECT at Putubiw, near Cape Coast, in the Asebu Traditional Area of the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District in the Central Region. The team was conducted round by Mr. George Wilson, Director of operations, GM Bamboo Eco-City Limited.

The aim of the visit was to inspect the Bamboo Eco-City Project which is seeking approval for an “Industrial Park” status as part of the Ghana Shared Growth Development Agenda II (GSGDA II).

The Bamboo Eco-City, currently in its documentation stage, is an innovative Industrial Park designed by GM Bamboo Eco-City Limited to use bamboo and lime-brick composite for the construction of affordable residential, commercial, light-industrial, tourism and recreational infrastructural facilities. When completed, the eco-city would fully integrate Urban Farming (Rooftop Greenhouses, Indoor & Vertical Farms) into its facilities in order to significantly reduce Affordable Housing Deficit, Climate Change, Food Insecurity, Air Pollution and Unemployment including Rural-to-Urban Migration.

The team was satisfied with the choice of the project location and progress made so far with community entry strategies by GM Bamboo Eco-City Limited. Both team leaders pledged their support to the success of the project. Others on team included Dr. John Hawkins Asiedu - Technical Advisor, Industrial Parks & Special Economic Zones (IP & SEZs), Mr. Samuel Kwadwo Antwi - Assistant Commercial Officer, Miss Erica Albright Bonsu, MoTI and Mr William Adofo, Lead Facilitator on the Bamboo Eco-City, CEDECOM.