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CEDECOM at Wakanda-One City of Return Trade Expo


The Central Regional Development Commission (CEDECOM), was present at the Wakanda-One City of Return Trade Expo to showcase the investment opportunities in the Central region of Ghana. The African Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) in partnership with the Ghana Chamber of Commerce organised the Wakanda-One City of Return Trade Expo, the first of its kind, to bring together the Diaspora and Friends of African businesses and professionals from all over the world to collaborate with their counterparts, not only in Ghana but in all of Africa. The expo also sort to explore investment opportunities in various sectors of the economy in line with the new Africa Agenda which seeks to transform the continent into a global power house.


The 7-day (November 06 to December 13, 2021) event saw delegates from the United States of America, Europe, the Ghanaian business community, Government departments, trade associations, traditional authorities, and the media.  It created a common platform to highlight viable, ready-to-go opportunities for local businesses to share investments opportunities that will assist in wealth creation. About 80 local and foreign exhibitors mounted booths at the conference room and forecourt of Pempamsie hotel in Cape Coast to showcase their products and services.

CEDECOM took the opportunity to exhibit the huge investment opportunities in the Central region as part of its mandate to promote and develop investments in the region. Displayed at its exhibition booth were sample products, hard and electronic photographs of selected products and projects of the Commission and its supported SMEs.